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Whilst Cameron is in America trying to build a deal for Europe, his party are all gathering saying NO to Europe. I do believe the knives are sharpening ready for his return. The Tories ultimate aim is to remain in power and with Cameron at the helm and the good ship UKIP (well misogynistic, homophobic, racist, bigoted ship UKIP is more accurate), trying to muscle in on their waters, fear is in abundance. It is even rumoured that the Sun will back UKIP in the next election – now that will really put to the test the Sun’s power over the electorate.

The Tories are currently dead in the water, waiting for someone to finish them off but no one is that organised. Perhaps the Cuntryside Alliance will try a coup d’etat, riding up to Westminster with their pack of dogs, bugling to high heaven followed by the trial of blood from the animals that the dogs have ripped to shreds on the way.

Parliament is for the taking – there are no longer any strong leaders with any real conviction; the system is tarnished and proven that it no longer represents the people it claims to.

Where is Hartman when he is needed!