Locking up people is expensive, especially in our olden archaic jails. The proposed super jail will only cost £21,000 a year per person rather than £100,000  some of our other establishments cost like Wormwood Scrubs………………..and Oh yes they can sell the old prisons off for a fortune as prime real estate, whilst new ones are built on disused brownfields sites.

Again another policy that isn’t of benefit to what they want to achieve (rehabilitation) but purely down to money. It would surprise me if a land developer actually came up with the idea. How much would people pay for flats that has a courtyard entrance of the iconic wormwood scrubs.

Next they will be talking about prison ships, once the land has been developed by Govt funds and handed over to private enterprise, so this can be sold off and cheap decommissioned cruise liners can be used. The property developer making all the money will little outlay apart from couple of bungs to the Tory party. Once prisoners are on a ship so what if one or two sink or get lost – save the taxpayer etc etc after all they are all scum!

Does this Govt actually give a fuck about anything other than the next canope or glass of champers.

Fuck the NHS, Fuck education and now fuck prisoners.