Thats what the cunt driving the Mercedes said said when he drove into the side of my car as I was turning from a main road into a side road, before he drove off.

I apparently have become a magnet for uninsured drivers. Whilst I am not against not having insurance as the majority of insurance companies are rob dogging bastards, I am fucked off that i am now £250 out of pocket and have 0 years no claim bonus.

My only solace is that if someone were to see a silver Mercedes with scratches and blue paint on the bumper and the word CUNT had been scratched deeply on all sides of the car, it would make smile!

The last thing I needed then was to be treated like a complete twat by the police officer on the desk at South Norwood Police Station (had to report it for insurance purposes). As I waited at the counter with Nye he mumbled something to me, when I said ‘pardon’, he barked ‘Stand over there’ like I was Ian Brady himself!

ACAB? He certainly hasn’t helped the case.