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It comes to something when the Rolling Stones headline Glastonbury on a Saturday Night. Sunday is the usual night for acts from the past. Is music so lacking in talent that the only acts they can put on are over 70? If I hear ‘I can’t get no……..’ one more time I’ll vomit.

Mumford and sons playing a slot that they will be lucky to fill with their repertoire, they only have two albums and most of that is shit. Glastonbury has become exactly the same as the music industry – middle class, sterile, safe and bollocks.

It’s no wonder people download music because you can’t buy any decent music from anywhere any more as no recored label will publish anything that the middle class kids won’t buy. Why hasn’t Morrissey got a record contract, I don’t particularly like him but he is definitely one of this country’s greatest lyricists for a long time.

Glastonbury USED to be cool until it became commercial; retinal scans, blood tests before you can even apply for a ticket. It has virtually become a prison, no-one can break in and you are at the mercy of a capitalistic monopoly looking to take your money at every turn. Everything you do has a political consequence and certain events like Glastonbury just capitulate how ‘safe, middle of the road’ society has become and anyone who challenges this view is a trouble maker!

and No I don’t own any Abba!