I have just seen Ed on television. Fuck me I though somebody had kidnapped him but told nobody as they didn’t know who was willing to pay. Ed ‘Special Measure’ Milliband , has put over 5 constituencies into special measures to prevent any union tactics to get a union  candidate.

Backstabbing bastard – it was the unions that gave him the vote to beat his brother and know he is turning on them. Oh David must be laughing as Labour is dragged down further into the hypocrisy that is normal prevalent within the Tories.

What about the working class? We are on our own – no party represents us or our best interests. Lets aim to get the turnout for the next election below 20% – surely Parliament cannot exist in it’s current state with only 20% of the population voting.

Don’t vote, spoil your paper show the bastards that we will not tolerate it anymore.

Ed who?