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Noone has heard from Nigella since Saatchi grabbed her round her throat ‘playfully’, while she looked terrified. Now he is divorcing her because he is a disappointment as a husband – a funking cunt more like. Again he is controlling the situation.

Domestic violence is not acceptable in any form and the victim should never be made to feel like they deserved it or had it coming. Whilst men do suffer as well, it is women this issue mainly affects and Nigella needs to speak up to give others the strength to leave abusive husbands.

She is in a position of media spotlight so NOT to say anything is immoral. There are many people who would love the opportunity for the worlds press to be on them to publicise a cause. Yes it probably would be painful but not as painful as a poor young girl trapped in an abusive relationship and not knowing how to get out of it. Next thing she is punched and kicked a little too much and dies.