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Whilst the Govt initiative to cap benefits was to encourage more people to seek work, a report has been released to show that even those in work are struggling to pay their rent, with some paying over 50% of their earnings. With a benefit cap it is going to force more people out on the streets. There is actually a shortage of 1 – 2 bedroom places, with bigger places staying empty because no one can afford the rent.

This Government can make people feel as worthless as they can, taint people on benefits as scroungers and shirkers but if there are no jobs and no affordable housing (due to a blinkered stubborn approach to the economy) then what are people to do. There is little employment that pays people enough to cope with higher rents, especially single parents. What are we doing to our future generations let alone our current generations.

We have the right to work and the right to have a roof above our head, however the Tories see that completely differently. Rights only come with £ signs! With the increase of food banks, workhouses will be next – food and lodging in return for an 14 hour day of menial labour.

…and where have all the council houses gone?