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I can’t believe there is actually a name for the youth that all the politicians forgot – NEETS (18 – 24 year olds not in Employment, Education or Training). No matter which way you turn avenues have been blocked -education is now only for those who can afford it or want a massive debt, little industry, no apprenticeships, increases in prices in cost of living, benefit cuts – it’s not easy or fun being young, let alone trying to establish yourself as an individual. Oh I forgot , you can always go and work for free it will give you experience. I think they call it an internship, and you should be grateful that you are allowed in the building.

Finish school after being told you can be all that you want to be only to be kicked in the bollocks and told to go and live with your family. What happens if you don’t have a family, or in an abusive family where do you go where do you turn. There are lots of people who want to train / work in order to establish themselves in society but what a society we live in. Just like Thatcher before, this country is no longer investing in the future, only this time it is not housing, industry but people.

The system needs to change, we are simply flogging a dead horse. All parties are merging into the same dross who don’t give a fuck apart from maintaining their position in the commons. It is the embodiment of self perpetuated privilege and power. Parliament now is more akin to Gladstone and Disraeli days, all pomp with no concern for the welfare of the lower classes except in the form of religious based charity.

What is the point of democracy when there is no real choice.