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Apparently this is what will happen once ARP is born:

  • An official announcement signed by key medical staff will be driven to Buckingham Palace under police escort
  • It will be displayed on an ornate easel in the palace forecourt
  • The gender and weight are likely to be included in the announcement, but the name is not expected to be revealed straight away
  • An announcement will then be posted on Twitter and Facebook, and the media will be informed

How much is it costing the taxpayer to deliver the message to the Palace – BT should use this in there advertising campaign; cost of delivering message by police escort – 55,324 pounds approx , cost of delivering a message by phone call 10p.

Remember when you see the ARP don’t get sucked in by the media hype, just remember that this is costing you money. Just as the rich want to opt out of paying NI conts as they don’t use the hospitals, I want to opt out of whatever tax goes towards the family of parasites.