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As Croydon council plan to sell the bequeathed 206 antique Riesco ceramics in order to raise additional council funds, I was wondering what will be next:

  • The stolen paintings from Stanley Halls in South Norwood,
  • Sell it’s name, Croydon sponsored by Sports Direct!
  • Neighbouring boroughs to the rich, once buying football teams becomes boring – they have been disowning South Norwood for years

Its fucking ridiculous (just like the media reaction to ARP), as the Riesco is actually public property, and will remain in Croydon regardless to which party runs the council. It would be like a bank giving your money away, yes you chose them to look after it but that would be beyond their remit.

Croydon Council are a bunch of fucking crooks and will also set a precedent to all other councils. Soon everything will become private with nothing left to the public – tolls on footpaths, privatising the air etc….