My old political philosophy like to judge each philosopher by if you would like to have a drink with them. Using this logic, the people who turned up to march with the EVL are the type of people who would make you leave the pub let alone drink with them. About 20 turned up in Croydon to be greeting with a group of us telling them that they do joy belong on OUR streets. We left as my children were frightened and the police were concerned they might get hurt, so we left.

The EVL and any fascist organisation belong to the history book, as an ideology that was always doomed to failure. Their Neanderthal, mono-symbolic view of the world has more in common to the Alf Garnett Esc characters of old that were designed to be mocked and laughed at not to be believed. Even the dress code hasn’t changed proving that their message of hatred still simply rumbles on in a sad subculture as opposed to entering the psyche of modern people.

Ethics and principle will always be based on simple basic ideals, freedom, respect etc but the majority of the country, even those who may be snobbish and judgmental no that nationality or colour of your skin is not something to judge anyone on.