Events have been going on like this far to often, so called dedicated followers of Islam are taking upon themselves to throw acid in women’s faces. Katie Gee and Kirstie Trup are just the latest two. Just because these women are British there will be a big fuss, but the problem is far more reaching.

Do these women deserve punishment because they have managed to piss off god / Allah / Buddha (delete as applicable) – what a merciful god you must have.

Like all religion, incidents like this is just a action of someone who is really fucked in the head and has nothing to do with anything in any holy book. A cowardly malicious nasty way of making a point.

Now the world is more open EVERY country needs to be tolerant of other cultures whilst gently balancing the need for respecting inherent views. However any violent action in order to impose your view on others in just done by fucking cunts. I’m sure if there was a god they would be really proud!

Religions are just like political parties, all believing their views are more important and more righteous than anyone else’s – its why everything needs to change, a clean sweep, away with everything.