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Does England actually need a manager, as the team virtually picks itself, as it consists of that ‘old boys network’. Rooney could have a leg amputated and he still would get picked, and Gerrard and Lampard will still play at the age of 96. People complain that foreign players are ruining the potential of the England Team..bollocks.its overpaid under performing stars that are.

Ricky Lambert scored with his first touch, simply doing what he has done for every club he has played in, the lad deserves a chance as he is the player in form. However he will always be overlooked to choose Rooney (who apparantley is a game changer because he did it once 7 years ago), and the commentator even asked how Jermaine Defoe must feel. Fuck that, Lambert was there on merit and should have been picked last season but obviously he frequent the right private members club. Steve Bull was always another player, superstar quality but dedicated to Wolves who were languishing in the lower divisions (what has changed!) but his face didn’t fit and he never had an international career that he deserved.

From working in a beetroot factory to scoring on his debut – a working class hero and somebody that any budding footballer should look up to.