Paul O’Grady (Lily Savage) has a programme on BBC exploring working class values.

The older generation see it as a mark of respect, the youth see it as a stigma. Years of Thatcherism and Blairism has taught people you should be better than a working class person – its a shackle you need to get rid off. You can’t deny your heritage.

No – working class is a state of mind, industry (because there is none) doesn’t necessarily come in to it – it is attitude. When I was at University studying Politics, in a class of 11 there were only two of us who admitted we were working class when you knew there should be at least another 6 people who should have put their hand up – perhaps this is why my lecturer introduced me to Class War.

Being working class is a badge of pride – unfortunately the middle class know this and try and encapsulate our demographic. Being working class is still cool, regardless of your stature within society. Class politics will never cease to exist and just because you don’t believe accept / believe doesn’t make it so. The workingman’s club I drink in is full people who accept there position – this doesn’t mean that they accept that people are better than them but there is no pretence. Any middle class wanker who tries to install their pretensions would feel our wrath.

Quality of life cannot be judged by monetary values and is more important than anything else. The skill of the other classes is convincing you that being working class is not where you want to be.

I am working class and proud, I don’t judge people except those who are in a position to help others then refuse (regardless of class), and trying to bring up my children with basic important values and principles.  You will only suffer sadness and rejection if you don’t accept your heritage.