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The plight of Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid accused of smuggling cocaine has hit the media over the last few days, and today it is announced that the economy is still in decline despite it being forecast it would increase this month. What have the two stories got in common?

Perhaps George Osborne (no stranger to a little Charlie) has realised how lucrative the drug trade is, and as Britain has no industry anymore he is going to rely on the perfect capitalistic model to turn the country economy around. Supply and demand in full effect, and the demand gets bigger the more you supply, with no concerns who gets exploited along the way. – pure capitalism.

Check out the Chipping Norton set with their homes in the middle of nowhere – perfect location for a meth lab (I’ve seen Breaking Bad), and the boats and fast cars they all own….the pieces are all falling into place. This is probably why they don’t decriminalise drugs – the trade is in place for the Govt. to stabilise the economy.

When in court McCollum and Reid point to a picture of Osborne and say that was the man that forced them, it will all become clear.