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Everyone gets appalled when chemical weapons are used, which is quite right, however western arms companies throughout the world produce, sell and make millions from selling all the components needed to make them.

It has been released that in 2012 the Tories gave a UK company a licence to sell large quantities of the two chemicals used to make serin (the chemical used in Syria). Apparently none of this went to Syria, but how can parliament be appalled when our country is producing the means. And if our country is producing the means you can guarantee USA and other will certainly be joining that profitable enterprise.

So it is fine to make and sell them, no problem with buying them but never use them. When a weapon is produced it only is a matter of time that it will be used, ask those who live in Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Did America suffer any repercussions for delivering not one but two atom bombs, but was that acceptable because we were at war? If that is the case is it not true that Syria are at war?