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In 1900, the Labour party was founded as a means to gain representation for the working classes, via the trade union movement, in Westminster. Labour emerged as a rival to the two dominant parties, Whigs and Tories, who cared nothing for the lower classes.

Move forward to 2013, the original clause 4 has been removed now for twenty years and Labour has now turned its back on the unions, the very people who gave them a mandate in the first place. As the country moves more towards the times before Labour, (inequality in diet, healthcare, rights of work etc.), it is the time for a new party to emerge. One that will see the current system as nothing more than a pretence, allowing people the belief that they have the power to change with their vote, but really they are voting simply for which party has the spoils with little benefit for you or me.

A new movement could take shape in Britain with Union money, representing the true working class, being led by people who haven’t necessarily even had an education but have an understanding of what their area needs. In another 10 – 20 years Labour could rue the day it closed the door of support to the working classes.