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At the moment most scandals that the media report; fake goods, tax avoidance, fuel prices are simply a symptom of the root problem. When you tell people that the goal of life is to make as much money as possible, even if that means to the detriment of others, why should we be surprised when a company / individual is criticised for doing what they are told. These days, it appears that people believe that they will gain respect if they have a big car, big tele and wear the right clothes – they have been sold the lie perfectly.

The G20 is when the leaders from chosen countries (is that decided by how much America likes them as I don’t see North Korea represented), sit around and discuss how the rich get richer or how charitable they all are because they discuss poverty (but do fuck all about it).

The 2-day-long G20 Leaders’ Summit will result in the adoption of the G20 Leaders Joint Statement that will reflect the G20’s intentions and concrete mechanisms for further work on stimulating strong, sustainable and balanced growth.

Statement from G20 website

People are struggling to afford to live but they continue to allow companies to exploit our basic needs (gas, electricity, water & travel). Our government continually cut services whilst we pay the same, whilst surely it would be better to pay a little more and keep what we have. The services we have are there to protect people when life takes a turn for the worse, but if you are rich you don’t need this do you!

Fuck G20 and the leaders that take part, it simply legitimises the hegemony on the workers of the world.