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On Thursday, before The Tiger Lillies, I went to see the skating under Queen Elizabeth Hall, a great place. Please go and sign their petition, and pick up their wonderful selection of stickers, or buy a lovely T-Shirt.

A message from Skylon

A big thanks to those of you who wrote to English Heritage about the Certificate of Immunity granted to the Southbank Centre last year.

We managed to put enough pressure on them to force a public statement:


Although it wasn’t a great response from them, it has at least highlighted to us that we need to focus our attention on the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Our plan now is to present a solid case to DCMS that the undercroft is a place that is not only steeped in 40 years of culture (and indeed sport too), but a much loved creative hub for a multitude of different people, which is still thriving today.

For this we propose from you all to get creative with us!

We have set up albums on our Facebook page for the following to be submitted:



Also for all of you veterans of Southbank, we have set up these albums to showcase its history:



We also welcome any video footage you have at the undercroft….both past and present.

To get in touch, you can either send your stuff via email at:soscreativeprojects@gmail.com or message us directly through the Facebook page:www.facebook.com/sosresistance

Please also pass this on to anyone you know who is creative in any way, whatever their age and level of ability. This is a great opportunity to help the campaign and also a way to get your work showcased to a massive audience. We will also add links to any website, blog, fan pages etc. you may have to!

Many thanks,