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The problem the Liberals have is that they never ever dreamed that they would ever be in power, and this must be their motivating fact. You can see all the main collaborators, sitting, looking at each other in bewilderment, mouthing ‘Fuck, we are actually in power’.

Apart from patting themselves on the back and avoiding the fact they sold the students out, they will list a load of things that they have prevented from making the country in an even bigger mess that it is already. Thank you Mr Clegg, we live in the deep blue sea rather than being run by the devil – oh how your party must be proud.

To be fair I have forgotten one thing, they are going to introduce a carrier bag tax, 5p for every carrier bag in the supermarket. I’m sure Cameron will love this; if its unpopular, Clegg did it, if accepted then what a wonderful green piece of legislation (something the Tories lack) and Cameron will jump on its success.

Nick ‘Carry Bag Man’ Clegg be careful the following song may haunt your career!