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Nigel-Farage-2287802I would love to have been the technical producer who oversaw a pixelation when transmitting the speech by Nigel Farage, giving him a Hitler moustache, especially as it has come to light of his delight in singing Hitler Youth songs when 17.

Although the alleged ‘racist bully’ (according to a teacher) is kicking ‘Bongo’ Godfrey out of the party for calling all the women activists slags. Apparently it was the old use of the work meaning untidy, after the women joked about not cleaning behind the fridge. Perhaps they should have done, it might be where Farage was hiding his book of Hitler youth songs.

The UKIP claim they are standing up for the non politically correct ‘ordinary’ people of this country. Come to think of it, wasn’t that the reasoning Hitler gave to legitimise his mandate!