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Angela Merkel has now been classed as the most powerful woman in the world, however it’s because doesn’t have her own policies. Unlike Thatcher, who had a philosophy, Merkel robs and steals any policy that she sees fit to enhance Germany, using her coalition partners to full effect. Her ability to turn others ideas into her own is a gift, and stops her being restricted by her own shortcomings.

I think it justifies the argument that our outdated system of the two party system is outdated; the Tory party, the Labour party are outdated. To move our country forward you need a collaboration of good ideas, not point scoring over the opposition. Take this further forward, given the differences of culture across our nation, and reduce it down further to a local level. No London Centric Government, make representatives more accountable to the public they supposedly represent, allow anyone the opportunity to represent their area – stop careerist politicians.