The conferences on face value appear to be putting forward policies but what they are really selling is ideology. It red vs blue, its state vs free market; whichever way you want to look at it, the stalls are being set up.

Red Milliband and his Marxist takeover, perpetuated by the Mail article about his Dad (no doubt encouraged by the Tories), is firmly trying to tie Labour to it’s history, to a time of Michael Foot (a brilliant man).

Whilst Blue Dave is trying to destroy anyone who may need a helping hand in this country. ‘Hardworking’ obviously only applies to employed people as everyone else is fucking lazy; and are trying their hardest to cling onto the strength of Thatcher (an evil woman).

and the liberals will simply float as to wherever they can get into power.

But what if you reject all of this Tom Foolery and pantomime politics – simply don’t vote. Let the parties know they are not supported by the electorate. An option should be on every voting form -‘Not in My Name’. This would stop stupid protest voting, see the death of fringe parties and prove to politicians that they do not represent everyone.

As Milliband said – ‘Britain can do better that this’ – it certainly can, by getting rid of our so called ‘democratic’ process.