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Good on Red Ed (but lets face it he’s not really red at all) and his challenge to Lord Rothermere about the papers culture. I would also add about the lazy journalism that takes place as well.

The Mail is a horrible paper, probably worse that the Sun, as not being a red top tabloid it potentially is held in a bit more regard, however the message is still the same right wing bollocks. I dread to think how many peoples views are tainted by the vile rhetoric that is used by the journalists to make a point.

When South Norwood Tourist Board launched our ‘Lakes’ campaign, the Mail reported on it, but could only show pictures of Croydon and taint Croydon as being full of chavs’. As I said lazy journalism.

The fear and hatred regarding immigrants, people on benefits, homosexuals and not Ed’s Dad for being a communist can be likened to the hatred once promoted by the nationalist socialism in Germany. The black shirted readers think they know how this country could be great by blaming everybody else but themselves.