Oxbridge has always used the fact that working class people attend to justify why they are not elitist. However, Alison Walsh, a student at Oxford University has put forward an argument that ‘privilege’ and ‘class division’ is a self perpetuated view due to our fascination with it.

It’s very easy to justify the boating, the balls, the whole gentrification when you are part of it; buying in to the belief that you deserve it because you have worked hard. However there is always the exception to every rule, but as a whole the upbringing, the arrogance, the belief of superiority is what is appalling, all embodied in an institution that encourages it, simply by tolerating it.

A lecturer won’t care where you come from as they get paid very well, it’s the students that are the issue. Good luck to Ms Walsh but it doesn’t change the behaviour and attitude of generations of students who have and will attend there.