Nick Clegg has criticised Paxman for showing disrespect for politicians whilst making a career out of working in politics, but has missed the point. It is the make up of politicians that is so fucking vile; Oxbridge or Etonian or simply from a privileged background, today’s career politicians are far from representative of the people. The only reason they get elected is because people believe in the right to vote within a democratic setup regardless of very little choice – there is no ‘I reject them all’ box.

Democracy is about representation of the public and their local community, yet political parties see fit to place a candidate wherever they want regardless of where they live. Certain ‘safe seats’ can be used by parties to accelerate individuals path to power which has nothing to do with you and me.

Being a politician now is simply a job with all the risk being put on you or me. IDS fucks up the benefits system but the worst that will happen to him is he will lose his position despite him fucking over thousands of people. If he wasn’t elected in his constituency they would simply put him up in a safe seat the next time, or even force a by election.

Democracy is a wonderful thing but only if it involves the people it actually claims to represent. Most people can govern themselves, and communities can work together without being told what to do by Parliament.