Yes automatic services can make life more easy but at what cost. It’s great when everything runs smoothly but when there is an issue everybody usually looks to speak to an actual person to help them out. Are we all going to completely behave like we are in solitary confinement – no need to speak to anyone, computers will do it all but from this the propensity of fear will become heightened. Will people become suspicious if anyone talks to anyone else, after all there is no need anymore. Phones, tablets and laptops are changing the way society works but is it actually the way forward.

I think if we are going to automate anything, automate parliament – let the fucking Oxbridge career politicians lose their jobs and allow changes to happen by national voting. Why have an MP to represent a constituency, when the whole constituency can represent themselves in an online voting forum.

The paradox is that whilst technology can help us communicate and keep in contact with lots of people more easily, it is also alienating people from the real world that surrounds them.

Sometimes progress isn’t always for the better!