GAYBANNERTone and vocabulary used can completely alter the same story beyond recognition, just compare certain stories in the Daily ‘spit on the floor’ Mail and the independent, and the look at the Guardian; a certain slant will be put on it by the way the story is written and the simplest words that are used.

This is why it is upsetting that Stonewall have had to launch their new campaign ‘Gay. Lets get the meaning straight’. You hear all over no that ‘gay’ and ‘queer’ have become terms of abuse..again. Just as you think society has moved on, something like this arises highlighting that once you take your eye off the ball, things slip. Our culture is becoming more homophobic and misogynistic through our media, music and film.

Remember the Word when Shabba Ranks defended Buju Banton – his career never recovered, and the same should, and lets face it probably will happen to James Arthur. It wasn’t acceptable in early nineties and it isn’t acceptable now. Whilst James Arthur hasn’t advocated that gay people are killed but by using a derogatory term in this modern day he’s just a fucking count.