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Whilst the Soup Kitchen in Queens gardens has become a catalyst, Croydon’s neo fascist  regime are beginning to turn the borough into a mini police state, with its own privatised army.

David Musker – a wonderful advertisement for ACAB – has said to paraphrase – fuck the homeless, close the kitchen its so they can buy more booze. I’m glad he has a position of power, its fucking easy to kick people when they are down and he’s doing a good job of it.

Gavin Barwell – close the soup kitchen, celebrated that the Food Bank had increased output by 20%, again lazy politician who likes to kick people when they are down. Still what do you expect he is part of the party that helped keep Nelson Mandela captive for so long, sold off all the utilities that the public owned, sold all the council houses, destroyed industry and now forcing people to relocate from nice wealthy areas a not to ruin the view. If you opt to join a party full of counts then what do you expect. The biggest shame is that the working-class of Croydon actually vote for him – shame on them.

Croydon Council – officious parking fines, now litter patrol, outsourced anyone that stayed still long enough, sell of Croydon’s Crown jewels, and want to use underhand tactics to get rid of the soup kitchen so it doesn’t ruin the view of the wealthy.

Croydon is moving backwards and not surprising with the hench squad that is in control.  Wait until you have to have a certain amount of money in your account before you can live in certain areas.

Whilst Gavin Barwell is bad the new tory candidate for South Croydon will make Barwell look like Mary Poppins. A nasty piece of work in the making I do believe.

I’m glad I live in South Norwood!