How fucking hard is it to listen to decent music (not commercial) nowadays. The alternative scene used o be alive and kicking but with the death of decent music press how do you discover old, important, new, exciting bands?

Its not just nostalgia, just speaking to a few people younger than me don’t know about important bands: love them or loathe them there are some bands people need to have heard. Its easy to hear popular stuff, regardless of taste but what about those bands who get no airplay.

Michael Gira you are an inspiration to all.

Hopefully the link below will put on my own radian station which I aim to put out every Tuesday and Thursday 8 – 10pm (GMT) that will revolve around artist that I believe have merit, from the birth of recordings to now.

I think this needs to be pasted into any program that stream mp3.

Please help if you now more!!!!!!