Whether its having expensive offices in capital cities, or having executives on massive wages and bonuses, charities can be run a ruthless as business’. The days of volunteers simply shaking a tin in the street are long gone; similar to politics, working in the charity sector has become a career path, fuck anything to do with belief.

The recent expose is only come out know because the climate is right that people want to shake their head and fist and shout bastards.but it’s been going on for years. Lots of charities’ money has been taken up on various things that could be done far cheaply. We, as a society don’t see fit to pay good wages to nurses, teachers etc but executives within charities are on top dollar.

The whole Charity aspect has always been questionable, why do we have to pay for mistakes of Government / banks – creating war economies in various countries, loaning them money, selling them weapons then ask the public to help when millions of people are left starving. Why do they compete against each other to get your money when surely there is a common goal. If there is a cure for cancer found do you really think that it will be distributed free – someone will become very rich out of it.

Charity isn’t always what it appears to be and doesn’t necessarily do what it says on the tin. Look for the smaller ones that don’t feel the need to have plush offices of expensive CEO’s or offer ‘sponsored walks’ in tibet – whats wrong with running round the fucking park – if you can raise 2.5k great it all should go to the chosen cause.

Charity is a capitalistic conscience, knows something needs to be done, should be done and pushes the problem onto someone else, and if there happens to a few quid made in the whole process, well it would be rude not to get involved. Guilt is a wonderful manipulative tool.

When the Churches donate all their gold and splendour to worthy causes…………