Why should you be treated better just because you have more money; I don’t give a fuck about material objects, if you spend £100k on car you are just a cunt in my book, but how you are treated shouldn’t be impacted by wealth.

When travelling everybody should be entitled to a comfortable seat and courteous service not simply those who can afford to spend more. I remember when ‘standard’ was called second class which really highlighted who the market was aimed at.

Privatisation of the railways was just bollocks as it doesn’t really offer any competition, train companies can still charge what they want, I don’t have a choice of provider from Norwood Junction to London bridge, so what was it all about, and now the Tories have brought in a maximum cap on increases which shows that free market only works for the rich.

Nationalise the railways -fuck the current shareholders, pay them nothing, take back what is ours (the land was originally owned by the public), and then heavily subsidise train travel to reduce cars. How would we pay for it – tax the rich, tax mansions, tax second homes, second cars – tax anything that is more than need and based on greed.

Fuck the rich and their aloofness.