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The latest debate about e cigarettes has also led to a law being created that it is illegal for adults to buy children fags! I didn’t know it was allowed, if I did I would have run my own service running in out of shops to buy a bunch of spotty 13 year olds a packet of cheap(!) fags!

Are the public really that stupid that we need to be told that you shouldn’t buy things for children that they can’t legally buy themselves. Do we really want to live in a society where none has responsibility for anything – the state controls everything, including your moral choices in life. The Encroaching State Morality (sounds like a propaganda film made by Hammer) will allow people to cheat and lie to get what they want in life, unless it is legislated against, under the illusion that if it was that wrong there would be a law against it!

Lets face it Parliament probably has the biggest gathering of crooked people in one place at the same time then anything the criminal fraternity could muster!