Just as Thatcher destroyed local communities by dissolving the power of local government and centralising things in London – Cameron et al have taken it a stage further and got rid of anyone in a key position of authority if they are not a Tory sympathiser. What a bunch of sneaky underhand fucking cunts!

Baroness Sally Morgan told the BBC she was the victim of a “determined effort from Number 10” to appoint more Tories.

As you can tell this government is keen on freedom of speech – the choice is yours, you can keep a closed mouth or speak with no teeth (either no bite or they smashed them in!)- not really a choice. They are consolidating their position to destroy any social opposition that threatens to oppose them sustaining the social make up that favours the rich and privilege.

Why worry about state schools, shift the responsibility to academies, as ‘those who matter’ will have private education anyway. When it all fails they will step back and say it’s not our fault. Throughout history the Tories have never been a progressive party (they didn’t want women to vote) simply one that favours wealth and social injustice.