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If (when) people start moaning about the inconvenience that the tube strike will bring from 9pm tonight, just remember two things:

It is meant to cause inconvenience and as much disruption as possible

Be thankful if you work somewhere, that isn’t cutting jobs and services.

People never seem to understand that losing a days money is difficult for a lot of people but being united is something more important. If you join a union you need to stand up and be counted when called upon, it is the only thing that gives it strength; together we stand, divided we fall.

The Tories don’t just hate unions, they hate communities and any opposing group that may present itself as a united front to any policy that they wish to bring in. Unity is something that is the Tories enemy – they promote individualism and centralisation of policy. Entrepreneurship was about the understanding that you would be quite happy to stab your brother in the back if required – wait didn’t Ed do that to David!

This is why the Unions should form their own political party and challenge the hegemony of Etonian Oxbridge politics.