So Marius was killed due to her not being pure, and ‘tainted’ the rest of the giraffe population, so they killed her with a bolt gun, as opposed to lethal injection, so they could feed her to the lions after.

Inbreeding shouldn’t be allowed, look what it has done to pedigree cats and dogs, but there was no need to kill the giraffe especially in the manner that they did. It just goes to show that Zoo’s just treat the animals as commodities and material objects, only valuable if making money for the owners.

Several lions were recently put down at Longleat because they were a little unruly, showing that the animal kingdom really does reflect the world we live in. Kropotkin used the animal Kingdom to show mutual aid, and prove that anarchy can work; however the recent zoo examples show what happens when those in positions of power apply their own judgements.