Dear London Midland

I was to get the 12:46 from Euston tonStafford but was struggling due to my disability and having my two children with me. As I have difficulty for walking any length of distance or standing for any period of time, I was concerned about the amount of people clambering to get on the train and my safety and the safety of my children.

I asked a guard on the platform where might be the best to get on the train, without looking at me he just grunted anywhere. Not to be deterred I politely explained my problem regarding my disability, to which he again grunted, without even making eye contact ‘ not my problem, not my job, go and see customer services’.

Unfortunately due to my anger at his complete lack of respect and rudeness, coupled with my pain, I retorted ‘f@@@ you as well,. The guard suddenly became interested in me threatening not to let me travel and he should be spoke to like they. I apologised but stated that whilst I shouldn’t have swore at him he had not right to be rude and treat people with contempt; the only reason I swore was to summarise his attitude to me.

I am not only appalled at this member of staffs attitude but also the London Midland don’t make it clear the if you have a disability and need a seat you should make alternate arrangements. As it happened I fell over on the train and if it wasn’t for the help of a kind couple who helped me up and to get a seat I would be still there now. Cheap travel shouldn’t mean that you get treated no better than cattle.

I am due to travel back from Stafford to Euston on Wednesday night and am know having concerns that I won’t be able to get a seat, there will be no one to assist and surly abusive staff. I’m sure you appreciate my concerns.

Your comments appreciated.

Kind regards

Jason E Cooper