The Fucking Scum Mail has come out fighting early, first attacking Ed’s Dad, now Harriet Harmon and her support of paedophiles. When you actually read the story, it’s really clutching at straws, especially for a paper with such low values that I’m sure they probably supported Jimmy Saville’s knighthood despite rumours being rife in the media industry.

The Telegraph also gave a good swing at Labour on Sunday, defending the Government fully, as the floods were not only down to previous Labour’s policies but were deliberate as well and there is nothing this Government could have done.

And bless the Mirror, the true voice of the working class but is in a difficult position as it can attack the Tories but they know deep down that little will change under Labour.

Remember spot the discourse, disinformation and pure propaganda as we build up to the next election and ultimately don’t believe a fucking word the politicians say!