Apparently we are all better off, work for everyone – we have never had it so good (to coin a phrase) – the problem is I can’t see it. Do Tories where special glasses so they can’t see the poverty and desperation they are causing with there policies. I am not a violent man but watching Cameron & Osborne smile as they announce further cuts makes me wonder what there expressions would be when surrounded by the poor and homeless and a dark cold night. Try laughing and tell them they are better off.

I honestly cannot see how anyone can agree with a party whose policies are so vicious and alienating, unless you are are a heartless cunt. If the Tories get in next election it will be the death of democracy – the public should not be allowed to vote if what they vote for causes such distress and destitution.

Osborne should be arrested and prosecuted for crimes against the human right to have  shelter and food.