There were many people angry at the teachers for striking yesterday, which boiled down to the following reasons:

  • inconvenience
  • my job is shit so tough
  • leave the profession if you don’t like it
  • this is just the way of the world – suck it up.
  • the holidays and pay they get is ridiculous
  • only 40% NUT voted

images (3) A couple but not many didn’t appear to grasp that teachers are shaping the minds of our future generations; it should be an industry that we protect and cherish. Quality education is about consistency, which in turn encourages development – changing the curriculum every year doesn’t help, changing a schools status doesn’t help. The hours that teachers work is ridiculous and demands a devotion that you don’t necessarily need in other jobs – it’s not just the children they have to deal with but pushy parents as well (probably worse than the kids). Soon we won’t have enough teachers and classes will get bigger or we will have to advertise and encourage migrant teachers to fill the spaces (probably on minimum wage).

The Tories are systematically destroying the education system for those who cannot afford it, and now simply bullying teachers with shit conditions that they want to leave. The main problem is all the unions need to unite and walk out for two days at a time. As usual people will let things be destroyed and then moan how it used to be.

Our children’s future is at stake – support your teachers.

Michael Gove is just a cunt. Education should be taken out of politicians hands.