imagesTechnically yes it has, but only because the greedy fuckers are not hiding as much of their income offshore or in loopholes. By reducing the amount you want to take off people does not increase your revenue – closing tax loopholes and any avenue where the rich hide their money, would increase the revenue. A policy that initially works because it encourages people to be honest and not pay accountants lost of money to find inventive place to hide their money, rather than pay their fair share into society to support those less fortunate, is not really a policy, just smoke and mirrors.

It won’t last as next year revenue will be down as greed takes over and the rich moan that 45% is too high, so they push for the tax rate to come down to 40%; revenue initially goes up as the rich briefly declare a little more of their income in order to justify the reduction, and then greed takes over…….

Nobody needs any more than £150k per annum to live on, tax the fuckers, build new hospitals, schools etc..