What has happened to democracy? We (meaning approx 65% of the population who are registered to vote), vote for members of parties who are meant to represent our best needs, however politicians now appear to believe that they can do whatever they want; Maria Miller has blatantly exploited her position, IDS is killing the poor, and Gove is fucking up education and the teaching profession – if Tony Blair was in power he would invade our country in order to facilitate a fair free society, free from oppression. Just look at Afghanistan, about to have their first democratic elections and the Taliban are already gaining their influence back.

Politicians now are only interested in their career, and making landmark decisions that may write them into the bowels of political history either as heroes or villains regardless of how they have represented the people who elected them.

Class War are putting up candidates in many constituancies in next years election. Register to vote, use your vote to break up the hegemony of the institutionalised out of touch political parties.