download (5)I wonder if the population of Scotland realise that they held the balance of peace in their hands. Lloyd Robertson has even commented that America are even worried that Scotland voting YES will have a cataclysmic reaction throughout the world. Firstly, I didn’t think America cared about anything unless it affected them, and secondly if you want anything to remain constant then it needs to be for the benefit of all – what has Westminster ever done for Scotland apart from let them govern themselves.

The Scottish people need to be conscious that they are taking a decision, not just for themselves and for future generations in a one-off vote, but that it also has an effect elsewhere and people who are affected, or think they will be affected, have every right to speak out.

Is that just trying to reach out to Catholic guilt or is there a genuine threat that Putin will suddenly move his troops to the Orkneys and gradually manoever down to take Eton and Oxbridge.

America can fuck off and they need to look after their own issues; why would any country take advice of a nation where it was only 50 years ago where people who were black were seen as inferior and not allowed to mix in much of the white supremacist society – even the much revered JFK sold black people down the river (and the chickens did come home to roost).

If I was Scottish, I would be voting for independence and take my destiny from a bunch of privileged political careerists who no longer reflectt the make up of the country who they claim to represent.


It may instigate radical change elsewhere.