So the Tories are bringing in self regulated guidelines to try and stamp out the rise of a bullying culture within the party. I probably wouldn’t say rise but it has become more apparent. It comes back to that old argument of nature and nurture – are you born a Tory or do you develop into it – perhaps there is a gene that can be irradiated or medication that can prevent this development of being a selfish cunt. Perhaps they just haven’t met the right politician yet, that could be the reason.

But no I think it’s just who they are. Take Gavin ‘Night of the Long Knives’ Barwell, as Croydon Central MP. I originally thought he was just another yes man, no backbone – but lo and behold he has only culled all the ‘weak’ tories from the local party, and with a click of his heels he has goose-stepped his way into controlling what the Tories think and feel within Croydon.