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I haven’t written anything for a while as I have become really despondent regarding our future. It’s evident that politics isn’t going to resolve any of the issues that our future generations face; all parties are purely out to remain in power for powers sake. A friend on Facebook posted that the left is dead, and to be frank it is;there is no challenge to the inequality that people face within society.

The title of this post is simple, it’s an easy rule to live by and if everyone was, would society be any better. I have been watching the three zeitgeist movies about how human nature has been corrupted simple by greed and selfishness. The worrying thing is, its a downward spiral. Showing children that any action where be it lying, deceit, or simple queue jumping, in order to achieve an advantage over someone else is just blatantly wrong.

Thatcher (yes her) didn’t just introduce policies and legislation, she actually introduced a philosophy that we will continue to reap the devastation from; Tony Blair’s New Labour and the deletion of Clause 4, meant that there was no going back. I read somewhere that if what is happening now happened in the 80’s there would be civil war – but now after years of being told that it is good to consume, to be greedy, to waste, 24 hours convenience, cheaper things without any thought of the consequences. The welfare state was built on empathy; a belief that it was a safety net for those who fell on hard times – now there are those who would be quite happy to see it go are those who are arrogant enough to believe it won’t happen to them and have no empathy to others. Ever action has a reaction, a consequence, no matter how small it has a larger impact somewhere along the line.


There is no longer a party that is not interested in competition, which usually means monetary based. Is money the root of all evil? I don’t believe it is but GREED is; Money/currency is simply a tool to measure somethings value. If generation after generation are learning that the most important thing in life is to be the best and have the best, regardless of how you get it (parents lie to get children into the right school, schools lie to weight the exam results don’t want thick kids bringing down the stats, individuals lie so they don’t have to pay any tax, companies lie so they don’t have to pay a fair wage, the government lies to maintain the status quo). In every scenario, when challenged, there is always an apparent legitimate reason…..that is except is it moral!

It is interesting watching the rise of UKIP, a legitimate party where all the bigots in this country can get behind as it has dresses itself far better than the BNP or National Front? Now how do you fight it, by simply flagging that they are crap and highlighting their shortcomings or do you promote your own positive policies? My friend Ian Bone wrote a good piece yesterday which is spot on:


To Be Kind………..

Viva L’Anarchie………..