Democracy has become meaningless – having to choose between 50 different brands of baked beans is not really a choice. Tomorrow will see the local and European election take place, and whoever wins will have very little power to do anything apart from further their career within their chosen party.

Local councils don’t have any power that could possibly conflict with the dogma of Westminster, it is just another level of bureaucrats that are put in the way to stop local people from doing anything that may actually put the council to shame. Self reliance is not promoted, as there probably isn’t a form for that, but control is heavily enforced. Why not devolve the council to the actual wards, a small office in each, with control over its own budgets. Local councillors should not be party centric but community centric – how can the parties really disagree on what is actually needed, surely the prominent needs of the community should be obvious to most people.

I haven’t seen a single councillor campaigning in our area as they are all trying to win the marginals to get overall control of the council, and how can someone who doesn’t live in the area truly represent the needs of those in that area.

I will vote this time in order to prevent any fucking imbecile from UKIP getting in but I am not voting with th eillusion that anything is going to change. With this modern age of technology the public can be more involved in the decision making and the need to have such mass representation is no longer needed or effective.