Me and the family are currently at Seashore Holiday Camp, Great Yarmouth – a middle class free zone. Forget your glamping or your two weeks in Dubai, you can’t beat a camp full of down to earth families. There are no Tarquins, no capers in the corner shop, just down to earth basics – crap holiday entertainment, lots of kids creating havoc but lots of smiles and the air is full of excitement.

Whilst I don’t like being around a lot of people, I actually feel at home; watching people whose only care in the world is if their children are having fun. A woman won a car sticker and when she announced she drove a BMW, he quipped, ‘ how does it feel to know everybody hates you’, immediately followed by ‘only joking’ , but it was out there!

It’s wonderful being in a bubble where nobody is complaining that children having fun is ruining their holiday, or people hogging sun loungers.

Nye has tried Archery, and going to do fencing, Lily is just trying to be ‘too cool’ to do anything like that, the same as all the other teenagers on the camp, when you know they secretly want just run and play.

This is a Mecca for children but don’t expect spa treatments and Michelin starred restaurants!