After seeing a letter in our local paper calling the area I love a dump, I wondered if any of our elected representatives would stand up and defend our fantastic community.

Good Morning

 I’m sure you have seen the Guardian letter, South Norwood does get overlooked and Addiscombe always appears to be compared more favourably – even in election run up!

 I hope someone is going to comment on this as none actually properly stands up and says how wonderful South Norwood is, promoting its positive points.

As elected representatives of SE25 I would hope that you will address this issue. I understand if Mr Barwell remains quiet as it has always been evident from the past 8 years that the Tories would quite happily see this area decline, having put no investment or support to our wonderful community.

A quick response may stop this feeling growing within the area.


Jason E Cooper 

Member of the Community.

The response I got from Steve Reed MP was this:

Dear Jason,

You might be interested in this story about a public meeting I recently addressed in South Norwood where I talked about regenerating the area and also about its strengths.

Best wishes,



My response to which I’m waiting a reply.


Hi Steve
I have been following your tireless task of trying to improve our area, but I was hoping that somebody would actually address that letter head on. I appreciate that with the change of council their will be the winds of change in policy but not necessarily in public opinion about the area.
Regardless of any state intervention if the public don’t feel good about their area, or believe they live in a great neighbourhood, then it could be years before you see the effect on people’s attitude. We all know there are issues in South Norwood, and its great you are trying to address them, but sometimes the positive really needs spelling out NOT simply that it will get better now Labour are in (although I’m sure it will:)
Politicians will come and go but the residents will remain long after.
Kind regards
Jason E Cooper