He seems to miss the irony that the only reason he is in the position he is in, is because he went to Oxford, equality doesn’t come into it. How many local schools do you know who run trips to Norway – most of us can’t even afford to go there. Those who died in the hatch and families complained that the US coastguard wasn’t doing enough for them even though they had done more than they usually would because they were UK citizens.

It isn’t class envy, its just a matter of fact that the majority of the population, (those who keep the wheels turning), never get opportunities to do lots of things simply due to money or status. If you go to the right schools, have enough money the world is your oyster. Why should we mourn if something terrible happens, when experiencing something most can only dream off.

Owen Jones is making a career for himself by simply stating common sense facts but he obviously can’t get over the fact he can never be what he claims to stand up for. No he can’t deny his background but he doesn’t have to be so bloody worthy, and have to accept that the working class don’t have to like him just because he claims to have their interests at heart.

Fuck Off back to Oxford.

Ian Bone


‘In a recent anti-austerity protest organised by the People’s Assembly, Bone’s Class War crew decided not to target, say, George Osborne or Iain Duncan-Smith, but mocked up an admittedly amusing banner featuring a still of me from a BBC programme clutching a bottle of champagne, adorned with the emphatic words: “Fuck off back to Oxford.” Bone is a disciple of Mikhail Bakunin, a 19th-century Russian anarchist whose aristocratic family owned 500 serfs, and of the even more aristocratic Russian Peter Kropotkin.’

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