Why do they bother, with the amount of blogs, twitter etc, surely they they no that lies will be outed. Scotland was stitched up, a referendum was given, but there was no way the powers that be would let them win – if Scottish independence was successful would it fuel further celtic cessation or even counties. People are not just pissed off with this government but our whole economic political system.

War is now being trounced out, probably to paper over the cracks – we can all unite behind the common enemy, but the enemy depends on which side you are looking at. We bombed, maimed and killed, so the organisation and extremity is enhanced, so we plan to bomb, maim and kill again. A self perpetuating spiral of destruction. Watch the share of arms manufactures rocked (City boys always win)

And Ed, poor old Ed, just how do you solve a problem like Ed – stop patronising people – increasing minimum wage won’t solve much, what about allowing them to pay no tax or NI. Tax deduction and increasing taxation for those who can afford it; mansion tax, extreme tax for filthy rich, renationalise all the essential industries to control prices. These are progressive policies to help the majority of people, and are only seen as regressive by those who don’t need to worry.

To be Kind………..Viva L’anarchie